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  The private enterprise "AVM Kharkov" has been working on the market of tractors and their spare parts since 1991. Its principal is situated in Kharkiv (Ukraine) and its subsidiaries in Zmiev (Kharkiv region), in Kobelyaki (Poltava region) and in Primorsk (Zaporogskaya region).

  This enterprise offers everyone the spare parts and the tractors produced on the Kharkiv tractor plant: from a small KhTZ-1410 tractor, used for cultivation of personal subsidiary plots, gardens and kitchen gardens, to the large wheel and crawler T-150 and T-150K machines of general use and also more than 50 different catalogues of spare and assembly parts of tractors, automobiles, combines and engines.

  We specialize in producing a range of special machines on the basis of different tractors, we carry out the modernization of serial machines and also the overhaul of all main units and assemblies of the tractors: gear-boxes of all modifications, frames and redactors.

  Our enterprise prepares and supplies everyone with a different scientific and technical documentation: technical terms of manufacture, technical standards of repairs, technological processes of overhaul and the modernization of machines; some instructions of exploitation, technical service and repairs of any agricultural equipment; catalogues and drawings of spare and assembly parts of tractors, the tractors passports, the advertisement price-lists, some Web-representations and the price-lists of the regional plants.

  The private enterprise "AVM Kharkov" performs the functions of the regional agencies of several large firms and enterprises. Taking the large amount of the machine-building plants in the Kharkiv region into consideration, we want and are able to expand our co-operation in this field.

  We are always glad to meet you! Write and call us any time! We are waiting for your concrete proposals!

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Send mail to: traktop@ukr.net

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